Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

After clicking on the link, it gives the error like “There is a problem with the website’s security certificates. What does it mean?”

The OAMS application is running over SSL and for the first time, CCA, NICCA and NIC Sub CA Security Certificates will be required to be installed on the Computer on which the application is to be used. After successful installation of these certificates, it will not give any such error. Certificates can be downloaded and install from the link given on the website

I have forgotten my password. How it can be recovered?

The password cannot be recovered but it can be reset by the OAMS administrator. Only way to get the new password is to contact Shri S. K. Sinha Technical Director NIC, MPA Cell. Pl. send email at (Tel. No. 23035102).

Before sitting date, is it possible to upload the Assurance listed against our Ministry?

Yes, the replies to Parliament Assurance can be uploaded before the sitting date, but they will not be visible on the public portal. These will be visible only after published by the OAMS Administrator.

I have uploaded the wrong Assurance or annexure, but I have not saved it. Is it possible to re-upload the annexure?

Yes, before saving (submit) the annexure file, Implementation Report portion etc. can be uploaded again. But after uploading(submit), if any change needs to be made, Pl. contacts the concerned OAMS System Administrator (i.e. Lok Sabha / Rajya Sabha) as given at FAQ-6.

I am unable to LOG on through my user id and password although they are correct.

Close the current browser window and reopen the Parliament assurance application (

Who is the OAMS Administrator?

Assurance Related Issues
(Lok Sabha/ Rajya Sabha)

Shri A.K. Jha
Deputy Secretary
92, Parliament House,
New Delhi-110001.
Tel No. 23034761

Assurance Related Issues
(Lok Sabha/ Rajya Sabha)

Shri P.K. Halder
Under Secretary
102 B, Parliament House,
New Delhi-110001.
Tel No. 23035650

Technical Administrator

Shri Sanjeev,
Director IT-NIC,
Tel. No. 23035102,